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Meet Corbin, Our 2016-17 La. Champion


Corbin doesn’t let his cerebral palsy hold him back. Born prematurely, he first visited his children’s hospital for a physical therapy evaluation at 13 months old. A child this age would typically be sitting, crawling or possibly walking, but Corbin could barely roll.

In therapy almost five days a week since his initial diagnosis, Corbin has shown amazing perseverance through his illness. In just two months of therapy, he went from walking 150 feet in 30 minutes to doing so in 10 minutes, in only two months.

Corbin is a bundle of energy and enjoys T-ball, riding horses and playing video and board games. He loves spending time on the farm, like his dad, and even participates in mutton busting — similar to bull riding at rodeos, where children ride or race sheep. Not even a rough-and-tumble sheep can stop this rambunctious kid.

How donations helped Corbin at CHRISTUS Health Shreveport-Bossier:  

CMN Hospitals donations have helped Corbin since birth. He was transported to intensive care by a team supported by CMN Hospitals funds. Since then he has visited the Kid’s Clinic, where equipment purchased by donations has allowed Corbin to move from his walker to tripod canes.